SalesAI delivers sales acceleration as a service, powered by AI

SalesAI Solutions:

  • Design – SalesAI designs the optimal multi-channel channel sales acceleration playbook for your sales team.
  • Deliver – Once designed, SalesAI delivers the tech stack for your in-house sales professionals.
  • Optimize –  On an ongoing basis, SalesAI works with your sales team to optimize the program.

What does Sales & Marketing say about

What marketers say about ScaleX – “Our internal sales team was hit or miss with the leads we sent them.  Typically, little to no notes were logged in, a couple of call attempts, and then a downgraded lead.  With SalesAI, we get a service level agreement to deliver however many touches we want against however many leads we give them!  And as a result of this attention to detail, our conversion rates are world class, and as many have said, beyond world class.”

What sales leaders say about SalesAI – “SalesAI helped us RAISE the bar for our internal SDR team.  We didn’t know if 1,200 sales activities per month was a good thing or a bad thing.  SalesAI showed us what’s possible.